my-PV Heizung mit Photovoltaik

Space heating from photovoltaics

Solar energy, and thus also electricity from your own photovoltaic system, is available in abundance during the day. In the evening or in winter, when more electricity is needed, the sun is gone. This means: storage is the central point with regard to renewable energies. As a rule, one third of the self-generated energy is used and two thirds of it is fed back into the grid. The payments for this have generally been falling for years. On the other hand, those for fossil fuels such as gas and oil are rising, and the general cost of electricity is also steadily increasing. On the other hand, photovoltaics are becoming cheaper and more effective - more surplus electricity is being generated. Our goal must therefore be to use more photovoltaic electricity for our own consumption.

How about electric heating using electricity from the PV system?

In order to do so, you need to know that in our latitudes, photovoltaics can also supply appreciable energy in winter. Especially because electric heaters have the reputation of being very expensive to operate, self-produced photovoltaic electricity is an exciting alternative. With our innovative products, you can finally keep the energy in the house to use it for something useful like heating. Of course, you don't have to do without supplying both your electricity needs and hot water via the photovoltaic system.

PV electricity for heating: How does this work technically?

The prerequisite for heating with photovoltaics is a well-insulated building and a powerful photovoltaic system. Ideally, all suitable roof surfaces are used completely for electricity generation. If the heating requirement per square meter and year is less than 50 kWh, space heating can be covered sensibly and efficiently by photovoltaics.

A photovoltaic system as an energy source for electric heating can be optimally used for surface heating systems such as underfloor or wall heating. Our innovation enables – for example via heating mats in interaction with an intelligent control unit such as the AC•THOR or AC•THOR 9s – a storage function. Building components such as screed act as "daytime storage" and release PV yields as natural heat convection the following night.

Depending on how much sun is available, the energy is stored in the hot water and heating. This all works in a stepless and precisely metered manner. This makes electric heating suitable for photovoltaics,this way it gets "PV-ready"!

Good to know

You can achieve all this with a compact, intelligent device, our AC•THOR or AC•THOR 9s for larger systems.

Good to know: Our system can also be used to support an existing water-based space heating system. The heating element is then either installed in the combination or buffer storage tank or two heating elements (hot water storage tank, heating buffer) are connected

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Space-saving – Economical – Efficient – Upgradeable

Electric heating with electricity from the photovoltaic system saves enormous investment costs! The operating costs are also reduced by up to 30 % compared to conventional heating systems. However, this requires a well-insulated building. Nowadays, however, this is usually self-explanatory in new buildings and renovations.

Compared to photovoltaics, a heat pump can "only" generate heat. It does not make any contribution to the electrical consumers in the building. In contrast, photovoltaics supply the normal electrical household consumers primarily before heat generation and thus contribute to the reduction of operating costs to the greatest extent possible. The remaining energy required for heating is drawn from the public power grid. The exact amount hereby depends on the insulation of your living space and the dimensioning of your photovoltaic system.

This is the way you know photovoltaic systems ...

Household consumers are supplied, surplus energy is fed into the grid. The share of self-consumption is low.

Surplus energy can also be used to heat water. Stepless and grid-compliant. This supports the economy and protects the power grids.

Optionally, the AC•THOR can also supply electric heating systems with clean energy from the photovoltaic system.

Modern houses require less electricity from the grid for space heating with the AC•THOR than with heat pumps. And with "cables instead of pipes" everything is much easier and cheaper.

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my-PV Vorteile Heizung mit PV

Your benefits with space heating with photovoltaics

Which points speak in favour of generating heat with your own solar power from the photovoltaic system? Heating with photovoltaics means 30% lower operating costs and up to 30% lower investment costs compared to conventional heating systems (e.g. air heat pumps). Maintenance costs are zero. They generate the energy themselves, use it efficiently and sensibly directly on site, and can store it.

With a water-guided heating system, the primary heating system should be switched off during high-yield photovoltaic months – this protects the heating system, saves operating costs and extends the service life of your heating system.

Is generating heat for space heating with photovoltaic electricity economical?

We have been facing enormous price increases of gas and oil for a long time. At the same time, the cost of solar power is decreasing and photovoltaics are becoming more and more efficient. Seen in this light, generating space heating with photovoltaics is more economical in the long term than operating a gas or oil heating system. Basically, every kilowatt hour that is powered by solar electricity instead of grid electricity counts. This protects the environment and climate and reduces heating costs. Do you ask yourself:

  • How high is the current feed-in tariff of solar electricity?

  • How expensive would space heating be if you had to buy it in produce it in another way?

  • In which case do you gain more: if you feed the electricity into the grid or use it yourself?

What costs can be expected for a purely solar-electric house?

The size of the photovoltaic system influences operating and investment costs equally. In general, the larger the photovoltaic output, the lower the subsequent operating costs. If, for example, a single-family house is equipped with a 10 kWp photovoltaic system, the costs for the purchase are not even higher than the comparative variant with an air-source heat pump, but the operating costs (electricity, hot water and space heating) will also be significantly lower. In Austria a reduction of the running costs of up to 30% can be assumed, in Germany even 45% are possible!

Make a first cost estimate? Calculate and compare savings? The my-PV Power-Coach helps you to calculate your possible savings as well as the design of your system.

Space heating with photovoltaics...

  • saves energy costs through lower demand from the conventional and increasingly expensive power grid.

  • improves the carbon footprint through self-generated solar power.

  • ensures optimal use and storage of solar energy.

  • saves fossil fuels such as gas and oil.

  • reduces the uneconomical feeding of the surplus into the power grid through higher self-consumption.

  • does without additional piping, pumps, etc.

  • is noiseless.

  • is space-saving – no heating and fuel storage room necessary.

  • is also easy to use for renovations (e.g. no chiselling work required for screed).

  • is of course also possible in water-guided heating systems.

  • protects your existing heating system and extends its service life.

  • generates heat where it is needed.

For whom?

Our Reference Projects

AC•THOR 9s RCT Power Jan Berger my-PV

Refurbishment and PV heat as a blackout precaution

A resourceful Upper Bavarian benefits from the renovation of his house and implements PV heat as blackout precaution.

my-PV Referenz Mehrgenerationenhaus Schweiz

First multi-generation house capable of self-sufficiency in Switzerland

In a Swiss multi-generation house, the photovoltaic yield of summer is taken into winter.

Bilder_AC•THOR 9s_HUAWEI_Ludwig Wahl_Drohne (1) my-PV

Photovoltaic heat for apartment building and holiday apartments

In the 500 m² multi-party house in Middle Franconia, hot water and heating are generated from photovoltaic energy.

my-PV Referenz Attwengerhof

Photovoltaic heat for holidays at the farm

Photovoltaic surplus for heat preparation at a scenic family-owned farm in Salzkammergut.

Referenzprojekt my-PV AC•THOR in Neuenkirchen

Photovoltaic heat during the gas crisis

In a semi-detached house in Münsterland, the AC•THOR from my-PV supports a condensing boiler with the power of the sun.

230724_Drohne_Referenzfotos_AC•THOR 9s Altpernstein (42) my-PV

Photovoltaic heat in a 400-year-old farmhouse

A newly renovated agricultural building is used as a weekend house and is powered by the sun.



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