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Hot water and heating control and monitoring

my-PV Cloud

The new my-PV cloud is available free of charge to all our customers who have one of our solar-electric heating elements AC ELWA 2 or AC ELWA-E and one of our photovoltaic power managers AC•THOR and AC•THOR 9s. As a private customer, as a specialist dealer or as a property developer and planner, you can always keep an eye on your heat generation. You can add more systems at any time and manage several systems in parallel.

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The my-PV Cloud enables you to track your ecological and low-cost heat generation in real time. The live view shows the actual performance, the cumulative daily amount of energy and the temperature and charging performance over the course of the day. In the customizable dashboard you can get an overview of the most important information:

  • Surplus of the photovoltaic system

  • Use of the electricity from the photovoltaic system

  • Temperature development of the hot water or heating

  • Level of grid feed-in from the photovoltaic system

  • Height of grid reference

  • Device performance

  • Temperature

  • PV power

Users can easily switch between the different functions and always get a complete overview of the devices, the current temperature and – if desired – also the visualization of up to four additional measuring points. For example, the current electricity production of the solar system and the grid purchase can be called up in real time. Optionally, the data from heat pumps, e-car charging stations and battery storage can be visualized

Depending on how the measured variables are recorded, the performance of an inverter, battery storage, an e-car charging station or the power consumption of the heat pump can also be visualized.

my-PV Cloud
Tageschart 1 my-PV Cloud
Monatsschart 1 my-PV Cloud

Practical example for remote maintenance with the my-PV cloud

Remote Monitoring

The possibility of remote maintenance or remote setting is a cost-saving and practical feature, especially for installers.

With the my-PV Cloud, the setting for the hot water temperature or a possible hot water backup can be made from anywhere.

The Swiss company meierelektro ag remotely controls all settings for the hot water temperature and hot water backup of a hotel complex on the Cape Verde Islands in the Atlantic, where two AC•THOR 9s are in use.

More information about the reference project here.

Hotelanlage_57 my-PV

Advantages of the my-PV Cloud

  • Customizable dashboard

  • Asset performance trackable from anywhere, anytime

  • More setting options than on the device display

  • Possibility of monitoring for the installer or developer

  • Remote settings possible at any time

my-PV Cloud

Tutorial (in German)

The new my-PV Cloud simply explained!

Get a quick overview with the explanatory video for the new my-PV Cloud – for tracking your solar electric system.

We explain step by step in the video the new features of the update and how you can use the my-PV Cloud to quickly and easily access all the information about your solar-electrical system and your my-PV device.

my-PV Cloud Erklärvideo

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Demo access to the my-PV Cloud

What awaits you in the my-PV Cloud? With the demo access, you can click through the current real-time data of various systems and devices. Test how precise the data recording is with clearly summarized charts and how easy and uncomplicated you can keep an eye on your and your customers' data.

To the demo access of the

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