my-PV Referenzprojekt AC•THOR Belgien

AC•THOR: Electricity meets relaxation

A Belgian homeowner heats up his outdoor-jacuzzi in an environmentally friendly way with the AC•THOR.

The owner of a single-family house in the Flanders region of Belgium sought for an environmentally friendly approach to complement both the gas heating system and the heating of the water of his outdoor jacuzzi. In the pursuit of sustainable alternatives, the homeowner quickly discovered the manifold advantages of using the power of surplus photovoltaic energy with the my-PV photovoltaic power diverter AC•THOR.

Through the seamless integration of the AC•THOR into the smart home system, managed via the SMA sunny portal, the Belgian resident can now entirely eliminate the use of gas for water heating from March to October.

Beyond the financial aspect of saving expenses for gas, the owner can enjoy a hot bath in the jacuzzi without a feeling of guilt.

“The relaxed feeling of total comfort knowing that all the energy needed to heat the water in the house and in the jacuzzi is coming from your own PV system. How cool is that!”, the Belgian homeowner summarizes his experience.

How the AC•THOR’s linear power control manages to keep the domestic hot water temperature as well as the jacuzzi’s water temperature on a constant level, can be read in the reference project.

my-PV Referenzprojekt AC•THOR Belgien

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How exactly was the project implemented? Read the detailed project description for more information.

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