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Concentrated power Made in Austria!

With neoom we can add resounding name in our list of compatible partners. Since both companies are from Upper Austria, we are all the more happy about this regional cooperation.

Flexible communication with other systems has become our company philosophy. As a result, we can now refer to a large number of partner companies.

Thanks to the open communication interfaces of AC ELWA 2 and AC•THOR/AC•THOR 9s , the excess power information can also be received from various inverters, smart homes and battery manufacturers as an alternative to my-PV WiFi Meter.

In addition, AC ELWA 2 is also used by hot water and storage tank manufacturers and AC•THOR/AC•THOR 9s is able to control many types of electric space heaters.

Our new compatible partner neoom

With the 360° overall solution, neoom revolutionizes the energy of every home! Produce electricity yourself and use it smartly, store energy, network energy devices and optimize energy flows, trade green electricity with others - with neoom all of this is technically perfectly coordinated.

The innovative company from Mühlviertel in Austria offers clean and integrated decentralized energy solutions. What is the aim of the Upper Austrian company? To create fully integrated, electrical and digital systems that bring sustainable values ​​for all of us and exceed customer wishes.

With the energy management by neeom, users can control their electrical consumers in such a way that they maximize the self-consumption of their self-generated electricity and thus save electricity costs.

The integration of the heating elements from my-PV plays an important role here. Thanks to the neoom energy management, the my-PV devices now know exactly when there is enough PV self-power available and can therefore choose the most favorable time to switch on. All of this works completely automatically and without loss of comfort for the user.

my-PV’s part

We are working on a decentralized energy transition ourselves, which finds an effective building block in photovoltaic heat. With our products and solutions, cost-effective and environmentally friendly water heating and heating support from the power of the sun are possible. What is special about it is the linear control of the devices, which varies the power output adapted to the photovoltaic surplus and thus greatly increases self-consumption instead of feeding the photovoltaic electricity into the public grid.

How the compatibility works

There are different types of compatibility: In this case, the entire energy management is handed over to neoom. This includes the battery control, the charging station from neoom and the heat generated by our devices.

The solution in this case lies in neoom CONNECT: neoom CONNECT optimizes, controls and monitors energy infrastructure devices in a single software.

Thanks to the neoom energy management, energy infrastructure devices can be optimized, controlled and monitored in a single platform.

You can find out how easy it is to integrate our devices into the neoom environment under the compatible manufacturers, under the neoom logo.

You can find out how easy it is to integrate our devices into the neoom world on the device compatibility page on neoom.com.

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