Interview with my-PV partner Sungrow

Interview with my-PV partner Sungrow

As part of Intersolar 2023, we brought our long-standing partners in front of the camera. In the first conversation: Ralph Nolte from Sungrow.


Flexible communication with other systems has become part of our company philosophy. As a result, we can now refer to a large number of partner companies.

Thanks to the open communication interfaces of AC ELWA 2, AC•THOR and AC•THOR 9s, the excess power information can also be received from various inverters, smart homes and battery manufacturers as an alternative to my-PV WiFi Meter. In addition, AC ELWA 2 is also used by hot water and storage tank manufacturers and AC•THOR or AC•THOR 9s can control many types of electric space heaters.

A successful partnership takes place, among others, with one of the market leaders in the PV industry, Sungrow.

In the interview, Ralph Nolte, product manager at Sungrow, gives insight in the partnership with my-PV and shares his view on the market development of photovoltaic thermal solutions. He considers power-to-heat as the cutting-edge solution in view of the future developments of the PV market. 

In the interview, Ralph Nolte elaborates on the advantages of the compatibility between my-PV and Sungrow, which benefit both homeowners and installers.

Watch the video in full length on our YouTube Channel.

Interview with my-PV partner Sungrow

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