my-PV Cloud von Grund auf neu entwickelt

my-PV Cloud entirely redesigned

From my-PV.LIVE to my-PV Cloud: Our digital control centre was completely redeveloped in July 2023.

Would you like to see some features of the new my-PV Cloud? Clean dashboard, strong performance, adaptable views and the integration of the new AC ELWA 2 are possible with the brand-new development – and of course free of charge.

The new my-PV cloud is available free of charge to all our customers who own of our solar-electric heating elements AC ELWA 2 or AC ELWA-E or one of our photovoltaic power diverters AC•THOR and AC•THOR 9s. You can add more systems at any time and manage several systems simultaneously, which is a practical feature for the installer. Using remote maintenance functions, users can also remotely change room temperatures and optimize their energy consumption, for example, since they have more setting options for the my-PV devices than on the respective device display.

All information customizable at a glance

The core of the new my-PV Cloud is the customizable dashboard, which enables easy navigation. The live view shows the actual performance, the cumulative daily amount of energy and the daily temperature or charging performance – a quick glance is enough for the user to grasp the most important information.

The dashboard can be designed individually and according to personal preferences by hiding individual elements or changing their position. The visualization of the display (on the AC•THOR, AC•THOR 9s and the AC ELWA 2) also offers the familiar appearance of the previous local web interface.

Users can easily switch between the various functions and always get a complete overview of the devices, the current temperature and – if desired – also the visualization of up to four additional measuring points. For example, the current electricity production of the solar system and the grid purchase can be called up in real time. Optionally, the data from heat pumps, e-car charging stations and battery storage can be visualized. In order to use smart home functions, for example to control charging stations and electric roller shutters, we continue to work closely with our compatible manufacturers.

Efficient analysis and greatly improved performance

The diagram view in the updated my-PV Cloud enables a detailed analysis of device performance, temperature, purchased electricity and PV power. Our customers can choose between daily, weekly, monthly and yearly views as well as an overall view and adjust the curves using filters. In addition, the my-PV Cloud offers the option of exporting the data as an image or CSV file.

The loading times of the new cloud are significantly improved compared to the old version, which leads to a noticeable increase in performance. In addition, the design of the user interface automatically adapts to the respective terminal device and thus offers the optimal display on different screen sizes.

Easy access to the my-PV cloud

In order to be able to use the new my-PV Cloud, users need to register at and register their device. Existing logins for the previous cloud solution will continue to work.

Curious about the new cloud? There is also a demo version to click through and get to know the new my-PV Cloud.

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