my-PV WiFi Meter cannot be connected as control unit

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The my-PV WiFi Meter cannot be connected as a control unit, even though both devices are clearly in the network?

It is confirmed that both devices, the my-PV WiFi Meter and the AC•THOR, AC•THOR 9s, or the AC ELWA 2, are in the same local network when the my-PV WiFi Meter is displayed on the information page.

However, connecting the my-PV WiFi Meter as a control type is not successful with either "my-PV Meter Auto" or "my-PV Meter Manual" in the control settings?

One possible cause could be that the network router is not allowing UDP packets on its port 16124.

Solution 1:

Adjust the settings on the router accordingly to unblock UDP data communication.

Good to know

Note: If the router does not allow UDP packets on port 16124, a Master-Slave operation with multiple my-PV devices is not possible!

Solution 2:

Please contact support@my-pv.com and provide us with the 16-digit serial number of your AC•THOR, AC•THOR 9s, or AC ELWA 2. If your device has an internet connection, we can manually configure the control settings for you!

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