New compatible manufacturers for my-PV products: Sunamp, ROTBURG and M-TEC

Our list of compatible manufacturers is once again getting longer, and we are pleased to add three renowned names with Sunamp, ROTBURG, M-TEC.

System openness is a central part of our company philosophy at my-PV, aimed at supporting customers on the path to energy independence and increasing self-consumption. With Sunamp, ROTBURG, and M-TEC, we introduce three new manufacturers with whom my-PV products are compatible. A joint webinar is also on the horizon: Benefit from the system openness of my-PV and learn in the upcoming webinar with M-TEC how to make optimal use of our solutions.


Sunamp develops and manufactures space-saving heat batteries for hot water, heating, and cooling, reducing carbon emissions and making homes, buildings, and vehicles more energy-efficient and sustainable. Sunamp's hot water storage is an innovative thermal energy storage solution that replaces conventional hot water cylinders and maximizes the use of renewable energy by being charged with PV electricity, among other sources.

The my-PV AC•THOR is now compatible with Sunamp's hot water storage Thermino ePlus and Thermino xPlus.


The Austrian company ROTBURG offers a high-quality, efficient infrared heating system suitable for all types of buildings – whether for heating individual rooms or entire properties. In combination with a personal photovoltaic system, infrared heaters provide a resource-efficient alternative to conventional heating methods, enabling a step towards independence from fossil fuels. Thanks to their easy installation, low-maintenance infrared panels can be added to existing heating systems or quickly warm rooms without heating. The AC•THOR or AC•THOR 9s, combined with the my-PV WiFi Meter, ensure that the infrared heaters only use surplus power from the photovoltaic system for space heating, ensuring efficient use of self-generated electricity.


M-TEC, also based in Austria, is a "Green-Tech" company with a special focus on the development and production of comprehensive energy solutions. As a specialist in intelligent control technology and sustainable energy management, M-TEC develops cross-system solutions.

Both the AC•THOR product line and the AC ELWA 2 are compatible with M-TEC E-Smart, as well as optionally with M-TEC Energy-Butler. The comprehensive energy solution E-Smart visualizes all energy flows from the power grid to photovoltaics, battery storage, electromobility, heat pumps, and an electric heating element. Here, my-PV solutions can also be visualized. Alternatively, my-PV solutions are also compatible with the multifunctional storage M-TEC Energy-Butler.

In the joint partner webinar with M-TEC (in German) on February 20, 2024, we will explain the compatibility of our solutions in detail and the advantages you gain from it. Register here!

Partnerships with Sunamp, ROTBURG, and M-TEC mark another milestone in our mission to accompany customers on the path to energy independence. Here is an overview of our extensive list of compatible manufacturers.

Compatible Manufacturers

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Compatible manufacturers

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