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Our comment on delivery times

We understand how uncomfortable the situation is for our customers, who have to wait several months for their order of some products. We would like to explain to our customers the reasons for the currently long delivery times.

The turmoil on the energy markets is still very noticeable. Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine in February 2022, the number of clicks on our website, the interest in our products and solutions, and the resulting orders from customers have increased drastically. Since we offer solutions that reduce gas consumption for hot water or even replace it during the sunny phases of the year, demand has skyrocketed.

We are currently increasing our internal capacities in all areas in order to meet the increasing demand and to deliver the large quantities of products as fast as possible. We are expanding our company site and thus increasing our production area as well as the production team. There will be no interruption in production during the entire relocation to the newly created premises. We will keep production and delivery of our devices continuous, despite the logistical challenge.

Materials ordered in advance

In the last 16 months, we have also proactively ordered large quantities of primary materials in order to be able to increase the production volume in our new production halls accordingly.

Unfortunately, there are always bottlenecks regarding some components. Promises for delivery dates of components ordered by us are constantly being postponed. In addition, in electronics manufacturing, the unavailability of a single component may prevent the completion of the entire device. The topic of global supply bottlenecks was very present in the media, as many industries were affected, such as for example the automotive industry or the heat pump industry.

We are in regular and close contact with our suppliers from Europe, America and Asia to ensure we receive the goods in time. We plan new orders for required components accordingly.

Our efforts have slowly but steadily paid off. Unfortunately, the availability of the AC•THOR series is still limited, since the chips from the USA that are required for completion, are not sufficiently available. Our my-PV WiFi Meter can now be produced in larger quantities and is therefore available. The situation is also getting better for the orders of immersion heaters.  The production of the AC ELWA 2 will also start promptly and the first devices will be delivered from June.

Our team does incredible things every day to fulfil customer orders. It is our goal and aspiration at my-PV to fulfil the wishes of our customers quickly and reliably.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

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