Referenzprojekt my-PV AC•THOR im netzfernen System

The AC•THOR in off-grid operation

In pursuit of increasing the energy independence of his home, a British customer decided to optimize his off-grid PV system with the AC•THOR.

Stephen C. from the United Kingdom aimed to maximize the efficiency of his rooftop PV system in the southern part of England. He expanded his PV system with photovoltaic water heating using the AC•THOR from my-PV.

What sets his PV system apart is its complete independence from the power grid, which means that no electricity is fed into the public power grid – a practice not uncommon in the United Kingdom due to low feed-in tariffs. Therefore, using the self-generated photovoltaic power is even more important, otherwise the system would lack efficiency. Utilizing the self-generated photovoltaic power is crucial; without it, the system lacks true efficiency.

Therefore, the British customer’s choice fell on the photovoltaic power manager AC•THOR, primarily due to its frequency shift function, which is essential for off-grid operation. Stephen C. successfully took advantage of this feature of the AC•THOR, effectively optimizing his PV system. This feature has been used frequently in conjunction with the compatibility partner Victron.

The British customer effectively enhanced his PV systems by drawing on these experiences with AC•THOR and Victron.

A detailed description of how the AC•THOR operates in combination with a battery inverter from Victron in an off-grid PV system, can be found in the reference project.

AC-THOR Seitenansicht

Click here for the reference description

How exactly was the project implemented? Read the detailed project description for more information.

More information about the project

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