Next Step from my-PV: The DC Power Manager SOL•THOR for Photovoltaic Heating

On June 13, in front of over 1,100 participants, we unveiled our Next Step: a DC Power Manager called SOL•THOR. This is the latest product innovation from my-PV for self-sufficient photovoltaic heating.

Flexible and Efficient

With SOL•THOR, we enable the direct use of solar power for heat generation. Our DC Power Manager can be used with photovoltaic systems ranging from 1 to 10 modules and controls heating elements seamlessly within a power range of 0 to 3.6 kilowatts. If needed, the device can also regulate two heating elements alternately without requiring an inverter or connection approvals. The device is compatible with conventional electric boilers and is suitable for both single-family and multi-family homes. We are particularly proud that SOL•THOR operates independently and does not require starting current, making it ideal for rural or off-grid regions.

Outdoor Installation Possible

Thanks to its robust IP54-rated housing and an operating temperature range of -20 to 50 degrees Celsius, SOL•THOR can also be installed outdoors. With a weight of only 2.95 kilograms, including wall mounting, and a touchscreen display, the device is exceptionally user-friendly. Operational data can be accessed via LAN, WLAN, or RS485. SOL•THOR can be integrated into our my-PV Cloud, allowing user data to be accessed from anywhere, provided there is an internet connection. For additional flexibility, there is the option to let the DC Power Manager automatically reheat from the grid, ensuring hot water supply even in summer when the heating system is turned off.

Premiere at Intersolar Europe

We are excited to present SOL•THOR for the first time at Intersolar Europe in Munich from June 19 to 21. Visit us in Hall B3, booth 130 (KOSTAL booth) to learn more about our innovations. Our colleagues will be happy to answer your questions.

With SOL•THOR, my-PV is launching a flexible and efficient product that enables the direct conversion of solar power into heat and is versatile in application. SOL•THOR will be available from the first quarter of 2025.

Missed the live event?

Watch the full recording here

When will the product be available?

The DC Power Manager, called SOL•THOR, is available for order immediately via our sources of supply. Delivery will begin– depending on the order intake – from the first quarter of 2025.

my-PV recommends an end customer price of €693,26 excluding tax for the autonomous product for photovoltaic heating. This ensures that there are no price barriers to achieving the maximum yield from photovoltaic heat directly from PV electricity.

Giveaway and webinars

Among all registered participants for the "Next Step" live event, two SOL•THOR devices were given away and will be sent to the winners as soon as possible.

We congratulate the lucky winners Matthias V. and Sebastian B. on their prize!

Special webinar: Next Step with my-PV: The new DC Power Manager SOL•THOR

You can learn more about the functions and benefits of the SOL•THOR in the special English webinar on July 3 at 4:00 PM. In this free online seminar, we will present all the new features of the new DC Power Manager and also address your questions about the new product.

Interested in a technical insight during the webinar? Then sign up here.

The New Product Video for SOL•THOR

All important information about our off-grid product for photovoltaic heating is summarized in this new product video:

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Want More Technical Information?

Then the SOL•THOR data sheet is just what you need. You can find it on the SOL•THOR product page.

Find everything you need to know here.

To the SOL•THOR Product Page


Using solar power directly for heat generation

The SOL•THOR is a 3.6 kW DC power manager for photovoltaic heating. Every watt from the photovoltaic modules is utilized for autonomous heat generation through continuous regulation. Interested in some advantages of the new product?

More infos about SOL•THOR

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