Using solar power directly for heat generation


SOL•THOR is a 0 to 3.6 kW linearly regulated DC Power Manager for photovoltaic heat.

The direct current power manager utilizes direct current from photovoltaic modules directly for heat generation. Solar power is efficiently converted into heat by transferring the direct current from the photovoltaic modules exclusively and with minimal loss to a connected heating element.

A notable feature of the DC Power Manager is its autonomous operation. The device does not require a connection to the power grid, as it independently draws energy from the PV generator.

The heating element, such as a my-PV immersion heater, is installed separately in the heat storage unit. This allows existing heating elements in current heat storage systems to be controlled with the SOL•THOR, enabling economical retrofitting of an ecological heating system.

SOL•THOR can be flexibly used with PV system consisting of 1 to 10 PV modules.

Advantages of SOL•THOR

  • Linear control from 0 to 3.6 kW

  • No inverter required

  • Loss-free conversion of all solar power into heat

  • Scalability from 1 to 10 PV modules

  • More cost-effective than conventional water heating

  • Operates even during power outages

  • No grid operator approval required

  • Outdoor installation with IP54 rating

  • Stratification charging with 2 heating elements possible

  • Optional hot water provision

  • Easy operation and commissioning with display

  • Simple installation

  • Maintenance-free due to cables instead of pipes

  • Communication via LAN, WLAN, and RS485

Applications of the SOL•THOR

SOL•THOR with heating element in heat storage

The simplest way to retrofit for ecological and economical heat in single-family homes, multi-family houses, or autonomous applications: the SOL•THOR linearly controls heating elements and uses the entire output of the photovoltaic modules for heat generation. Existing heating elements can be used, or a my-PV screw-in heating element can be integrated into the existing hot water or buffer storage.

The cables from the PV modules are plugged directly into the SOL•THOR via MC4 connectors, and the new or already installed heating element in the heat storage is connected to the SOL•THOR – that's how simple photovoltaic heating is.

Optionally, supplementary heating with electricity from the public grid is possible – for example, when the output from the PV system is insufficient due to bad weather.

SOL•THOR with electric boiler or wall-mounted storage heater

In addition to using the my-PV screw-in heating element, conventional electric boilers can also be controlled by the SOL•THOR. This means that electric boilers become compatible with photovoltaic systems through the linear regulation of my-PV's DC power manager, maximizing heat yield from photovoltaic power.

For autonomous use of photovoltaic power for heating with an electric boiler or wall-mounted storage heater, the cables from the PV modules are connected directly to the SOL•THOR via MC4 connectors. The conventional electric boiler is connected to the SOL•THOR, and the integrated heating element is regulated by the my-PV DC power manager according to the photovoltaic output.

Optional backup heating with electricity from the public grid is also possible on days with insufficient sunlight.

How large can the PV system be?

The SOL•THOR can be flexibly used with a PV system ranging from 1 to 10 PV modules. Even the smallest photovoltaic systems are suitable for generating heat from photovoltaic electricity with the SOL•THOR.

Unlike the ELWA, which can be used with 4 to 8 modules, the SOL•THOR offers greater flexibility for your specific application with its broader scaling. Additionally, the SOL•THOR does not come with an integrated heating element, making it compatible with existing heating elements in a hot water storage tank or an electric boiler.

What if the sun isn't shining?

The SOL•THOR features our proven optional hot water backup function: Even if there isn't enough sunlight, the hot water can be heated to the desired temperature using energy from the public power grid.

This allows you to completely switch off the conventional heating system in the summer. This increases the lifespan of the heating system, is environmentally friendly, and saves money.

Perfectly combined with the immersion heater from my-PV

Which heating rod fits the SOL•THOR? That's easily answered with the my-PV 3 kW screw-in heating element. The SOL•THOR regulates the heating rod - depending on the yield from the photovoltaic system - continuously from 0 up to 3,000 watts, thereby maximizing the utilization of photovoltaic heat. The 3 kW screw-in heating element from my-PV can be used in both fresh water and buffer tanks, offering maximum flexibility for applications in hot water or heating systems.

For more information about the my-PV screw-in heating element, click here.

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