Neuer Kompatibilitätspartner für my-PV Produkte

Three new compatible manufacturers for my-PV products

With over 60 reputable manufacturers already compatible with my-PV products, we are pleased to announce the addition of three more names to our list.

Flexible communication with other systems has become our company philosophy. This commitment is further emphasized through collaboration with three renowned manufacturers who share our mission: supporting customers on the path to energy independence and increased self-consumption.

ZCS Azzurro: Innovation from Italy

With the Italian company ZCS Azzurro, we are welcoming another compatible manufacturer of inverters and battery storage systems. The my-PV product range is compatible with the intelligent inverters from ZCS Azzurro. These are characterized by their so-called ZCS Inside-Intelligence, combined with advanced electronics technology.

Alpha ESS: Rethinking energy efficiency

Alpha ESS, a German company, is another addition to our list of compatible partners. Specialized in advanced energy storage products and intelligent energy management solutions for residential and commercial applications, Alpha ESS ensures compatibility with the AC•THOR product range and the AC ELWA 2 with the Alpha ESS Type Hi5 and Hi10 inverters.

Vela Solaris: Efficiency through intelligent planning

Vela Solaris, another partner in our growing list of compatible manufacturers, offers the Polysun planning software – an energy system simulation program for single and multi-family homes. This software supports architects and planners in developing efficient energy concepts. The newly revised my-PV system templates in Polysun facilitate easy and highly reliable planning. Customers can now plan an energy system that increases the efficiency of the PV system and consequently, and, consequently, increases self-sufficiency by integrating my-PV devices.

The collaboration of my-PV products with the solutions provided by Alpha ESS, ZCS Azzurro, and Vela Solaris provides our customers with new opportunities to optimize their PV systems and save costs. An overview of the extensive list of compatible manufacturers can be found here.

Compatible Manufacturers

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We can refer to a large number of partner companies in various industries with which my-PV devices are compatible.

Compatible manufacturers

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