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November 9, 2020

◼  Data cloud with new features!

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Overlook everything with the my-PV.LIVE data cloud!


my-PV.LIVE has been available for several months now. Recently, the data cloud from my-PV visualizes everything that you need as a skilled tradesman but also as a private person with an affinity for technology. Keep an eye on your ecological and cost-effective heat generation at all times and clearly display your energy consumption as a daily, monthly or annual value.

With my-PV.LIVE, you can see not only the current surplus of the photovoltaic system, but also what the photovoltaic electricity is (currently) used for: the temperature development of the hot water and the heating, and depending on the type of control, also how much electricity is fed into the grid or drawn from the grid.
If further measuring points are installed, the performance of the inverter, the battery storage, the electric car charging station or the power consumption of the heat pump can be viewed at any time and from anywhere. And that in real time!


The advantage?

my-PV.LIVE is the analysis tool for skilled crafts or for private persons, which summarizes products of various manufacturers and prepares them attractively in curves for remote monitoring.

Keeping an overview at every time and observing the distribution of your own photovoltaic electricity - this works with our data cloud my-PV.LIVE!


You can find more information here.


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