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Increase self-consumption with AC•THOR

Immersion heater

The immersion heater 3 kW was particularly developed to be used with our photovoltaic power manager AC•THOR and the immersion heater 9 kW was developed for use with our photovoltaic power manager AC•THOR 9s. The immersion heaters can be installed in hot water boilers and storage tanks. Due to their special design, there are only very low thermal surface loads of the heating elements, which directly contributes to an increase of the product life-span.


  • Manually adjustable target temperature (bimetal thermostat)

  • 1.5 inch standard thread

  • Single phase or 3-phase

  • Optionally also without thermostat, only with safety temperature limiter

Linear power control by Photovoltaic-Power-Manager AC•THOR or AC•THOR 9s

The desired hot water temperature can be set with a rotary knob. AC•THOR or AC•THOR 9s detects the shutdown and automatically goes into standby mode for minimum self-consumption.

A safety temperature limiter is of course integrated.

In course of some projects, higher temperatures are desired, for example, when a buffer tank is to be charged to over 90°C. For this purpose, the immersion heaters are also available without a thermostat, only with a safety temperature limiter. To end the heating process, the temperature sensor supplied with the AC•THOR and AC•THOR 9s must then be used in any case.

Hausgrafik_Acthor_WiFi Meter_Heizstab 3 und 9 KW_EN my-PV

Warmwasser und Heizung mit Photovoltaik

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Control and monitor hot water and heating

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In addition to our products, with our data cloud you can always keep an eye on your heat generation. The my-PV Cloud allows you to track your ecological and low-cost heat generation – in real time.

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