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ELWA is a 2 kW photovoltaic water heating device. Direct current from photovoltaic modules is transferred directly to the built-in heating element and immediately converted into heat without loss. The built-in MPP Tracker ensures that the PV generator is always operated at the optimum operating point (similar to a PV inverter).

For operation, no connection to the mains is required as the unit is powered by the PV generator (pure off-grid operation). The desired DHW temperature is set with a rotary knob, LED displays inform about the current device status.

Your advantages with hot water from photovoltaics

  • Easier and cheaper than thermal solar systems

  • Each watt is utilized: Linear control from 0 to 2 kW, depending on PV yield.

  • No grid operator approval required: You save yourself tedious administrative work, because ELWA does not feed electricity into the grid. Especially in multi-storey apartment projects, the approval can take several months for grid-connected PV systems.

  • Easiest installation with "cables instead of pipes", less valuable copper, no maintenance costs.

  • Stratification-heating possible with 2 devices.

  • Even works in case of power failure.

  • Boost-backup optionally usable.

  • No anti-freezing liquid necessary

  • Cables have almost no energy loss compared to pipes

Hot water always available, even during bad weather.

Due to the patented boost-backup function, hot water supply can be guaranteed even during bad weather. This makes it possible to completely switch off the conventional heating system in summer. This also increases its lifespan.

For commissioning the boost-backup function, ELWA can be easily connected to a mains socket. There is no feed-in into the grid, so it does not need a metering point like a grid-connected PV system.

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Hot water and heating with photovoltaics

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Hot water with photovoltaics

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