my-PV WiFi Meter: Excess photovoltaics monitored quickly & precisely

my-PV WiFi Meter maximizes the self-consumption of your PV system in the simplest way. It detects the energy flows of the PV system and transmits the excess energy data to the PV Power Manager AC•THOR, AC•THOR 9s or AC ELWA 2.

This processing of information means that only the energy that is currently available is used to generate heat. Power feed-in is avoided. There is therefore no feed-in into the electricity grid: PV self-consumption is maximized and the public grid is relieved.



3-phase power meter for AC•THOR and AC•THOR 9s

The my-PV WiFi Meter is integrated into an existing network infrastructure via WLAN. At the "other end" of the network is the AC•THOR or the AC•THOR 9s, which communicates with the my-PV WiFi Meter. Both together now fulfill the desired control function.



And also for AC ELWA 2

Just as with AC•THOR or AC•THOR 9s, my-PV WiFi Meter can also be used with the proven AC ELWA 2. More simply, surplus management is barely imaginable.

Also in this case, connection options via router / switch, directly or via Powerline are possible.

And at the same time, this solution is very inexpensive.

Bi-directional measurement is easy to install

my-PV WiFi Meter is mounted in the distribution cabinet directly after the utility meter and detects the power flow via three external clamp-on current transducers which can be mounted without disconnecting the phases. It couldn't be easier. 

Tip my-PV WiFi Meter can also be integrated into freely programmable Smart Home controllers as a bidirectional counter with Modbus TCP interface.


Advantages of my-PV WiFi Meter

  • Clamp-on current transducers for the simplest data acquisition and high installation comfort

  • Also suitable for feed-in points with big power rates in commercial applications

  • Wireless communication 

Technical data

Measurement range 0 - 75 A (higher currents possible with other folding inverters); 230 V AC (+- 10%)
Interface WiFi
Dimension (W x H x D) 90,2 x 71 x 57,5 mm
Protection class IP 51
Clamp-on current transducers: Max. wire diamete 10 mm
Special sizes (W× H × L) 0-100 A Max. wire diameter max. 23 mm, 51 x 41 x 65 mm
  0-200 A Max. wire diameter max. 23 mm, 51 x 41 x 65 mm
  0-400 A Max. wire diameter max. 36 mm, 67 x 50 x 87 mm
  0-600 A Max. wire diameter max. 36 mm, 67 x 50 x 87 mm


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