Innovative products for electricity, heating and hot water with photovoltaics

With our products you can use your self-generated solar energy directly and without any detours. This way, you save costs in the long term and protect the environment. Get to know the my-PV product family here:

Innovative products for your self-generated photovoltaic power


Use solar power for hot water only



Use solar power for hot water and maximize your self-consumption



Hot water and heating with solar power



Hot water and heating with solar power thought big


my-PV WiFi Meter

Surplus from your photovoltaic system recorded quickly and precisely

my-PV WiFi Meter

Immersion heater

Together with the AC•THOR the easiest way to more self-consumption

Immersion heater


Our AC ELWA-E is replaced by AC ELWA 2. With the successor product AC ELWA 2, you can use even more of your own solar power for your hot water and achieve a higher degree of self-sufficiency.

More info about the AC ELWA-E

my-PV WiFi Meter instead of my-PV Power Meter

Unfortunately, production of the previous my-PV Power Meter has to be discontinued due to material shortage. However, the successor, my-PV WiFi Meter, offers new advantages for customers.

More info about the my-PV Power Meter

Control and monitor hot water and heating

In addition to our physical products, you can always keep an eye on your heat generation with our data cloud. The my-PV.LIVE data cloud allows you to track your ecological and low-cost heat generation - in real time. 

More about my-PV.LIVE

Buy my-PV products

Are you as convinced of our innovative products as we are? We are happy about that! In addition to our wholesalers for specialized tradesmen, you can of course also buy, install and use our solutions as a private individual. You can find the appropriate sources of supply here:

To the sources of supply

If you have any questions about our products, you will find a lot of helpful information in our Info Center. If you need further support, please use the support form below.


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We at my-PV get more out of photovoltaics than just electricity, we move your building technology into the future. Use your solar power yourself instead of feeding it into the public grid: Electricity, hot water, heating and charging options for your e-car. With our products, you can use your self-generated photovoltaic electricity for your own needs without any detours. This way, you save costs in the long term and act environmentally friendly!



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