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ELWA to support hot water generation

Facts about the project

PV system
my-PV ELWA Referenz

Since 1 January 2018, ELWA has been supporting our existing gas heating system in a former village school with hot water preparation. In addition to the heat from the fossil burner, four adults and three children are now also supplied with CO2 free hot water. Via the heating elements of the device, the energy is directly injected into a 500 litre combi storage tank, the hot water content is 150 litres. Extra heat exchangers, pipes, pumps etc. are not necessary. In addition, the ELWA also eliminates the need for annual maintenance of the antifreezing-liquid, as is the case with solar thermal systems. The annual yield of approx. 1,700 kWh can be used 100% in the house itself and directly reduces the load on the gas heating system.

my-PV ELWA Referenz
my-PV ELWA Referenz
my-PV ELWA Referenz
my-PV ELWA Referenz

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my-PV Referenzprojekt ELWA

Hot water with the sun in Germany

The sun sends no bill: Thanks to ELWA, the sun provides hot water at no cost, even in the German Harz region.

Referenzprojekt my-PV AC•THOR im netzfernen System

Optimizing off-grid PV systems with the AC•THOR

A British customer enhances his energy independence by optimizing his off-grid PV system with the AC•THOR.

Referenzprojekt my-PV AC•THOR in Neuenkirchen

Photovoltaic heat during the gas crisis

In a semi-detached house in Münsterland, the AC•THOR from my-PV supports a condensing boiler with the power of the sun.

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AC•THOR: Electricity meets relaxation

A Belgian homeowner heats up his outdoor-jacuzzi in an environmentally friendly way with the AC•THOR.

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AC ELWA 2 in an architect's house

The new solar-electric heating element in a renovated single-family home in Upper Austria.

230724_Drohne_Referenzfotos_AC•THOR 9s Altpernstein (42) my-PV

Photovoltaic heat in a 400-year-old farmhouse

A newly renovated agricultural building is used as a weekend house and is powered by the sun.